Making a cardboard tank part 3 – Remote control

The natural next step in this project was to add remote control. I decided to build it all from scratch, even semi-designing my own radio protocol.

All done!

The finished remote controller

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Home automation part 1 – The wakeup system

My main reason for automating my room was to make it easier to get up in the morning. Here is my wakeup system in a working, but not very sleek form.

It consists of the following modules:

The rPI with the RF transmitter and USB speaker

The rPI with the RF transmitter and USB speaker

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Making a Death Eater costume

Cloak and mask

The hooded cloak was made out of a 2m x x1,5m piece of black cloth. I sewed a “narrowing” part around the neck, and then added the hood after cutting that out and sewing it together. I used a combination of textile glue, needle/thread and black gaffa tape. I used a couple of guides like this as inspiration, as well as instructions from the hobby shop where i bought the cloth. To close the cloak in the front i used a safety pin with a metal skull hot glued onto it.

The mask was a premade mask i got from the hobby shop. I painted it by hand with silver and black acrylic paint, as well as cut a few holes to breath through.

The starting point for the cloak and mask

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