Making an interactive LED cylinder

I wanted to learn about addressable RGB LED’s, and how i could control them with human input. I ended up making a cylinder where you can choose the color by picking it up and turning it. It was made with a soda can, some crafting foam, RBG leds, Arduino Nano, MPU6050 IMU (accelerometer + gyro), a 12v lipo battery, a 5v voltage regulator. The Arduino code can be found here.

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Making a Tony Stark costume

A new year, another costume party! The theme of the party was “comic books”, and i decided to make a tony stark costume. I wanted to play with electronics, and it is always fun to add some LED lights to things. The costume included an arc reactor on the chest, and a iron man glove with light triggered by hand movement.

2016-03-05 22.08.37

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