Making a wooden LED Cube

I watched this video by DIY Perks, where he created a headset stand with wood, plexi glass and LED’s. After watching the video, i really wanted to test out the concept. I went to Clas Ohlson and picked up some plexi glass sheets, which i brought to FIX makerspace and started working.

2016-04-06 14.51.30

I started out by cutting matching squares of the plexi glass and a wood plank i found

2016-04-06 15.09.21

Clamped together and drilled / screwed together

2016-04-06 15.14.33

Everything sanded smooth

2016-04-06 15.23.34

2016-04-06 16.07.40

Some doodling

2016-04-06 17.37.32

Arduino Nano + led strip

2016-04-06 17.46.35

Put it on top of my led cylinder to see the glow effekt. great success!

2016-04-06 18.06.20

2016-04-07 19.21.32

Using hot glue as usual

2016-04-07 19.48.162016-04-07 19.53.57

2016-04-07 19.54.05

Leds spaced correctly by soldering on some header pins in between

2016-04-07 20.55.512016-04-07 20.55.582016-04-07 21.30.132016-04-07 21.30.282016-04-07 21.30.372016-04-07 21.30.412016-04-07 21.31.022016-04-07 21.31.28

2016-04-09 17.48.40

Applying some stain for extra cool

2016-04-09 18.02.40

2016-04-09 18.02.48

The staining filled the cracks in the plexi, which distored the even glow

2016-04-13 14.42.05

I opened it to fix the issue, and found out that the screws had cracked the plexi severely. Next time i will drill a larger hole before screwing.

Some videos:


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