Making a new workspace and PSU

I this post i will show some pictures from the building of a new work table with a custom shelf, a custom DIY lab PSU based on a PC PSU, and an extension to my room desk.

2016-05-01 18.26.48

The PC PSU i had lying around

2016-05-03 21.53.03

Re-using the “hover” box from the previous post. Adding power connectors and switches for 3,5 and 12 Volts.

2016-05-10 21.56.05

Using a 20 pin extender to interface the ATX cable from the power to my box. This will allow me to easily switch out the PSU itself if need be

2016-05-13 18.10.04The finished PSU box. It sits on top of the PC PSU.

2016-05-11 13.47.08

Making a top shelf from my table from a plate of OBS plate

2016-05-11 15.03.17

Drawing up to cutting lines

2016-05-11 15.19.39

Putting is together using PU wood glue and screws

2016-05-11 16.37.38

Starting to look like something. Mye glorious scooter as a backdrop

2016-05-11 16.43.37

Test-fitting at the desk

2016-05-11 22.57.23

Shelf in place. Great success!

2016-05-01 22.09.54Custom solder fan made from balsa wood, a PC fan and a coal filter.

2016-05-13 18.10.12

Solder fan 2.0 This has a bigger and better 120mm fan,. It also has support for battery operation as well as a 12v plug.

2016-05-13 18.10.232016-05-13 18.10.26

2016-05-21 16.52.54

Drawings for an extension on my bedroom desk

2016-05-22 17.19.50

The new part is just sitting on top of the old. I clamped it in place in the back

2016-05-22 23.38.52



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